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Made-to-measure monitoring is proposed for all investments and organisation of legacies.  We analyse our clients’ needs, define their strategy with them and, when necessary, consult our network of external experts (lawyers, fiscal specialists, notaries…).  As such, we are their privileged partner during the consolidation and development of their wealth.


Riviera Wealth Management is an independent structure which guarantees that our clients benefit from impartial and judicious advice.

We enjoy total freedom to propose the most adequate and objective solutions that match our clients’ goals.  In so doing, we establish a relationship of confidence that grows over time.  

Partners fully control the capital of Riviera Wealth Management and as such provide a guarantee of its independence



Our company holds the CIF agreement (Advisor in financial investments) obtained from the AMF (French equivalent of FSA or SEC).


This statute, which was initiated by the French Security Act dated 1 August 2003, guarantees an improved level of protection for investors.  In particular, it ensures that the advisor satisfies conditions of integrity and professional competence, which are required to exercise an advisory business.  

In addition, and as required by our profession, we are also members of the Chamber of Independent Wealth managers Chambre Nationale des Conseils en Gestion de Patrimoine.

Our civil and professional advisory liability for wealth management is guaranteed by a liability insurance contract taken out with the insurance company MMA-COVEA Risks.

Prior to proposing solutions, we undertake to fully understand our clients’ objectives.  We pledge to respect the binding ethical principles that represent the foundations of our profession. Furthermore, we also guarantee our clients the utmost discretion  in our actions.

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