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A certain concept of wealth management

Our offer is comparable with that of some of the best «private banks» and «family offices», due to the quality of the service and, above all, thanks to our independence.  

The evaluation of your wealth that we carry out enables us to define the optimal investment strategies for it and helps our clients to plan the management of their wealth over time.

We aim to guide you as best we can and provide you with regular feedback so as to provide you with peace of mind in the management of your wealth.

Organisation of legacies

The initial advisory phase consists of defining our clients’ needs and objectives.  Once defined, we will be able to propose a “tailored” organisation of your wealth.


Our recommendations are built upon competencies that we have developed for over many years, in addition to a continual review of the latest legal and fiscal requirements.  We continually seek new solutions in terms of financial engineering to optimise your legal and fiscal status, therefore enabling you to benefit from the best possible occasions authorised by legislation.


This step also aims to establish a bridge between private and professional wealth for entrepreneurs.  We have a network of partners, who are qualified in their specific domain with whom we work regularly.

The investment strategy

Benefiting from a solid experience in this domain, we are able to propose the best financial products on both the French and international markets..


We independently select the best fund managers and ensure that we have a diversified range of products, coupled with the quality of our partners. 


We also offer tailored products should you not be satisfied by the existing portfolio.


Should you wish to combine performance and tax reductions, we can also propose property products enabling you to reduce your taxation (Scellier, LMNP, Malraux, Girardin, property...). Each project will obviously be selected with the utmost care.

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