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A global solution that is independent above all

Initially, we establish an assessment of your wealth, which enables us to determine your objectives and your level of risk aversion.  According to the results of this analysis, we will propose different investment strategies by carefully selecting the most optimal packages possible, including:


- Life insurance           

- Accumulation contracts

- PEP and/or trading accounts

- Direct management of property or under companies 

- Constitution of personal or family holdings

Financial Sphere 

Regarding the financial investment supports, we have very carefully selected Asset Management companies which feature as some of the best-established names in French and International Asset Management, in addition to companies that have a very promising future.

This Multi-Management approach enables us to diversity to our clients’ portfolios by mixing management styles, geographical zones as well as the underlying financial instruments.


We prefer Asset Management that is detached from indices, which generates alpha, and which have limited management fees. We pay particular attention to the consistency of management style over the long term. 


To guarantee you made-to-measure advice, we will determine your investment strategy together with you, based upon your objectives, investment horizon and risk aversion.

We undertake to accompany you in finding the best existing architecture.

The realm of property

Our selection of property products is made entirely independently and objectively.  


Our initial approach is to clearly define your objectives together, so as to help you select the most appropriate investment, along with details for its holding.  We then produce a range of simulations to validate the anticipated return on investment and the validity of the investment choice (Scellier, Malraux, Girardin…).


We then seek products that meet your expectations, including:

- Investment in property through funds

- Direct management of properties

- Products giving rights to tax exemption

Under all circumstance, our selection and advice remain impartial.  We are highly attentive to the intrinsic quality of the actual Assets underlying our clients’ investments.


Our selection is not limited to property that is used for accommodation alone. but extends to commercial property (commercial premises, offices…) directly or via SCPI (real estate investment trusts).

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