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Organise your wealth

Because you have developed your wealth over the course of different experiences, we have the obligation to propose tailored solutions to stimulate and develop it. 

This entails understanding how your wealth was built, what is its history, what is the relationship that your family has built up around it. These are the basic items that we have to master to offer you the best architecture possible.


The life of wealth is determined by events such as the sale of Assets, the transmission of a company, an inheritance. Once these events create financial capital, it is strongly recommended to be structured so that it adapts to your family situation in the future.


Central to our tasks, we provide advice on the following:


- The organisation and distribution of your wealth

- Determining your level of risk aversion.

- Building your asset allocation

- Anticipating changes in your family situation

Stimulate your wealh

The world of Management and, more specifically, that of Asset Management are changing all the time, creating products that are increasingly complex.  This is precisely where our competence and experience in the selection of products and partners shines out, guiding you in your choice of the most relevant assets:


- Equity and fixed income funds

- Structured products

- Options

- Coverage of stock-options


We also intervene in the choice of the most appropriate investment envelope for you (Equities accounts, PEA, life assurance contract…)

Once the architecture has been defined, we propose arbitrages based upon our market forecasts so as to ensure your wealth develops over time.

Preserve the value of your wealth

A family’s wealth, whether financial or otherwise, changes over time and is transmitted accross generations.  Our objective is to assist you in its transmission by proposing the most optimal fiscal structure possible.

Wealth engineering is a science that combines different and complex techniques within a legal and fiscal environment that is changing all the time.  

Our objective is to assist you in the optimization of the organisation and management of your wealth, while taking into consideration your personal issues such as:


- Making optimal tax reductions

- Generating income from your wealth

- Develop and manage property assets

- Organise the transmission of your wealth 

- Limit the impact of inheritence taxe

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